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Gate and Railing Finishes

Metal gates and railings have traditionally been painted with a glossy black paint by hand, which is time consuming, expensive and requires regular maintenance. We offer three finishes on all our metal gates and railings:
No coating - This means that your metal entrance gate and/or metal garden railings will arrive as the bare metal. We recommend that you coat it immediately. There are a variety of paints available from local hardware stores. This is the cheapest of the three, but requires the most ongoing maintenance.
Zinc spray and powder coating - powder coating is a durable finishing method for metals using a dry, powdered plastic that is heat-fused onto the surface. The zinc spray provides some protection against rust. This provides the smoothest finish of the three, however its rust protection is not as good as opting for galvanized steel gates.
Galvanizing and powder coating - powder coating is a durable finishing method for metals using a dry, powdered plastic that is heat-fused onto the surface. Galvanizing provides the best protection against rust on the market. Your metal gates and railings will be dipped into hot zinc, so that it penetrates the whole gate or railing. This is the most expensive option and galvanizing leaves the metal gates and railings with a rougher feel. Over time you may also find that the galvanizing begins to seep through the powder coating ( a silver grey colour), at this point some people choose to paint there metal gates and railings.
Please note however that rust is a natural effect on iron and any paints or coatings are only designed to slow down the process of rust, it is impossible to eliminate it forever. Therefore we do not offer any guarantee against rust, but if rust protection is very important to you, we would recommend that you opt for galvanizing.

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